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Why Custom Woodworking???
In most cases, my cabinets cost more than factory produced products. Below are seven reasons why spending just a little more at Griffinwoodworking is well worth it.

1)Layout: No need to stick to standard sizes of drawers and doors. I can perfectly fill the available space to the 1/16 of an inch. Cheaper cabinets usually have big filler strips and wasted interior space. Recently I saw some cabinets which had drawers 4" short of the cabinet backs! If you need maximum storage in a small area, custom is the way to go.

2)Hardware: Store bought cabinets often have some of the lowest quality hinges and drawer slides available. I offer a huge selection of rock solid hardware at wholesale pricing.
3)Finish: Factory production cabinets almost always use a lacquer finish, which is inferior to slower drying polyurethane or varnishes that I use. After years of sunlight and water exposure, lacquer is more likely to peel or crack. To the left is a picture of a factory cabinet I was hired to rebuild even though it wasn't very old.

4)Unique look. A custom kitchen should not just be better on the inside, but have design elements which set it apart from the Home Depot displays. For example, gaps between doors should be small and consistant. The wood should be sanded properly so it's grain and color don't look mushy, but glows with the natural beauty of the wood. Design elements such as bead molding, legs, square pegged doors or dovetailed faceframes can often make a kitchen look as good as it works.

5)Customer service. A big part of what you pay for with custom work is not just pretty woodwork, but a personalized design service. I will visit with you on-site and draw as many different design options as you need to arrive at your final decision. I'll help you come up with the perfect solution for any room. Also, I take great pride in NEVER delivering late. Cabinet makers are famous for running behind and holding up expensive house projects. In addition, if I make a mistake of any sort, I will make it right immediately. Even years after your project is installed, please don't hesitate to call if anything needs adjusting or repair.

6)Care about money? Ask any realtor how important a nice kitchen is to the resale value of a house. A stunning, well done kitchen can more than pay for the initial investment when it comes time to sell.

7)Environment. Home depot and other massed produced cabinets really should be considered disposable products. In 20 years, most of these will end up at the landfill and be replaced--edge banding will be falling off, lacquer finishes will be peeling, hardware will start failing etc etc. And if things are somehow still staying together, inevitably the everyday conventional style will be out of date anyway. Conversely, invest in a higher quality custom kitchen and it is likely to be last as long as the house. That alone makes it a "green" kitchen.

For those especially wanting an extra "green" kitchen, I can offer low toxic, renewable materials such as bamboo, lyptus and wheatboard. I also have experience with the latest non-toxic finishes such as bioshield products and water based premium quality lacquers.